A Portrait of Three Kingdoms
Luke 13:10-21

Consider the passage…

  • How would you retell this passage to a person who isn’t familiar with it? What does it say? Why is it important today?
  • Why is the synagogue official so angry about what happened?
  • Why does Jesus call the synagogue official and other religious leaders hypocrites? What is the nature of their hypocrisy?How are we like them in our religious / spiritual lives?
  • What is the nature of the Kingdom of God? What is Jesus saying about how the kingdom operates?Why is this important to what happened in the synagogue on that day?

Prayerfully contemplate your walk with Jesus…

  • If you are honest, what kingdom do you belong to — the kingdom of God or the kingdom of Man?

  • What kingdom most informs your attitudes and actions in the context of the church family?
  • Which kingdom most influences your life outside of the “church” or “spiritual” parts of your life? Think about your marriage and other relationships, parenting, work, things that make you happy, etc.

Seek Jesus…

  • Talk to God about the things He is showing you about yourself.
  • Confess to God specific areas of sin and weakness, ask that He would give you repentance and help.
  • If you know you don’t belong to Jesus — or fear this to be true — cry out to Him. Share your concern or struggle with a pastor, elder or friend (you can use the link in the Get Help section to connect with someone).

Walk it out…

  • Read Luke 5-14 during your time with the Lord this week. Consider the each instance where people get mad at Jesus.

    Why do they get mad at Him?

    How does the idea of the Kingdom of God vs other kingdoms play out in these situations?

    Are there areas in your life where you are like the people who oppose Jesus? What areas? What would it look like to put these areas to death in your soul?

  • Spend some time this week praying about and considering one area that you need to repent in. What area will you focus on? What would repentance look like in that area? Who will you share this part of your journey with?

Get help…

The elders, pastors and leaders of West Hills would love to help you as you walk with Jesus.

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