Why go to the All Church Retreat?

For those of you on the fence about attending the all church retreat, I wanted to express a brief bit of encouragement to participate. There are many things you could be doing on November 2-4, but few things will likely be as edifying. There are countless other ways you could use your money, but few others will be as beautiful or life giving as being at Mt. Hermon with your church family. There are a million things you could set your mind on that weekend; but why not set your mind on things above, where Christ is, as we worship our Lord together, sit under solid biblical teaching, and resolve to edify one another in the Spirit for the glory of God?

What will be the focus of the teaching?

The teaching will be aimed at living together as the household of God. We will exposit and teach on multiple dimensions of biblical church life including: living as a household of peace and unity (Eph 2:11-21); striving together for holiness and mutual care (Gal 6:1-10), faithfully transmitting God’s eternal gospel from one generation to another (1 Tim 3:14-16), and living together as a family of worship and proclamation (1 Pet 2:4-10). The goal of our time together will be to collectively root ourselves more deeply into the Word of Christ, and to let it define for us not only who we are, but how these truths are meant to be fleshed out into practical living for the glory of God. There will also be several other break-out sessions focusing on other practical aspects of Christian life ranging from conflict resolution to basic bible exegesis to parenting.

Who is going to this? 

Both West Hills campuses have been invited and we expect a big turn out. Our prayer as elders and staff is that you will not look at this weekend as a personal vacation, but instead as an opportunity to grow in Christ and to serve one another in love by making new friends, sharing new experiences and helping one another participate in a life giving way (especially by being willing to volunteer to serve at some point over the weekend).

Will there be time for fellowship, recreation and rest?

Yes! We will eat together, worship together, and have lot’s of opportunities to hang out and have fun. Mt. Hermon has a field house that will be open to us which has basketball courts, a rock wall, game rooms, snack shops, bookstore and fire pits. There is also a beautiful creek with several trails for walking or hiking, as well as a giant green lawn we can use for sports or other games.

What if I can’t afford it?

If that is you PLEASE talk to us. We only have a limited number of scholarships but we really don’t want money to be a reason someone CAN’T go. If we run out of scholarships and have more families that would like to go but can’t afford it, we will call for a special church wide offering to meet the difference. PLEASE don’t let money be the reason you don’t participate in this opportunity to grow as a church community and to glorify our God.

For more information about housing, rates and registration click here!

We hope to see you there!