I was encouraged by a brother to post the poem I read a couple weeks ago during the offering meditation.  I pray it is useful to you as you meditate on many of the truths that have been presented to us in the 1 Corinthians sermon series.

Meditation on 1 Cor 6:12-20, and other passages.

I’m not my own, the price was paid
To free me from sin’s power
With body, I’ll strive to obey
And honor Christ each hour

I’m not my own, I won’t obey
Tyrannical passions
That only want to steal away
The peace and joy Christ won

I’m not my own, I now belong
As part of his body
With new affections, we’re made strong
Using our gifts freely

We’re not our own, our course is set
All bound up tight with Christ
He is our life, our deep content
And we are his earned prize

– Dc Hall

(Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash)