Men’s Equipping 2018

This year we will be offering our first ever hermeneutics and shepherding class for men. This course is designed to help you understand how biblical interpretation works, the process of careful exegesis, and the application of that exegesis to your own life and to the life of the people around you. In other words, the goal is to grow in your ability to see the glory of God in Scripture and to show that glory to others until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn to use and teach the basics of a sound hermeneutical approach.
  2. Use and teach others to use the most important tools of exegesis.
  3. Understand how the basics of moving from exegesis to application.
  4. Understand how to properly interpret and apply the book of Titus
  5. Grow in your ability to apply the Bible to discipleship and shepherding

How will we accomplish this?

  1. We will meet once a week for 10 weeks (approx. 2 hours).
  2. The first meeting will be a crash course in hermeneutics, exegesis, and application.
  3. Every subsequent meeting will involve homework that requires you to apply a hermeneutical principle, exegetical steps, or process of deriving application.
  4. The first 2/3’s of every meeting will involve discussing the assignment.
  5. The last 1/3 of every meeting will involve practical application and discussions concerning shepherding.

Additional Information

  1. This will start on the week of February 18th.
  2. The day, time and location are TBD until we have a final attenders list.
  3. Each session will be approximately 2 hours long.
  4. The only thing you will need is an ESV bible and an additional hour or two each week to work on the assignments and read any provided articles.

PREREQUISITE: To participate, you must commit to meeting with another person for the purpose of helping one another grow in Christ. If you have never done this before, and the prospect feels daunting, here is some encouragement: engaging someone for the purpose of discipleship is always an act of faith. No two people are alike, no two sin struggles are identical, and you will never reach a point where you cease to be dependent on the Holy Spirit for building up another person in the faith. Discipleship is something you learn by observing and doing. This class is meant to help you do both.

I hope all of those who aspire to teach, to shepherd, or just grow in your maturity as a member of the body of Christ will strongly consider attending this 10 week course.

Pastor Josh