Core Values

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Like people, so churches have “DNA” – a set of deeply rooted characteristics or core values that define them. The ‘core values’ or our church are values foundational to our church community. These values inform ministry focus and life practice. We insist that these are not principles (things written down on a piece of paper or a website), but values. Values are principles that you can hear, see, feel and touch.

The gospel is good news for the rebellious and the religious. It proclaims that both groups desperately need forgiveness from God. This forgiveness comes through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ – his perfect life, substitutionary death and subsequent resurrection. The rebellious need forgiveness from their selfishness and the religious from their self-righteousness. Therefore we proclaim this gospel in our worship gatherings, community groups, neighborhoods and places of work. The gospel is great news that anchors our souls from drifting away in the riptides of self-centeredness or self-righteousness.

We value community because God does. As Christians, we worship a God of community. He is one God who has eternally existed in three persons known as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is communal by nature and we are created in His image. Therefore as imitators of our God, we emphasize regular participation in each others lives. We meet throughout the week to care for each other and invite others into this family of faith that God is forming.

Jesus charged his followers to go out and make disciples. As a church, we continue this mission by primarily communicating the new of Jesus and His gospel to others. We also demonstrate this gospel by sacrificially and generously helping those in our city the way God is generous and sacrificial with us in giving us His only Son.