According to John Calvin, “The worship of God is the beginning and foundation of righteousness” (Institutes 2.8.11).  Without recognition and adoration of God’s glory, we cannot even begin to be rightly oriented toward our Maker.  This is why at West Hills Community Church worship is one of our core values, for we were all created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!  Another core value is community; and West Hills is one church with two campuses.  So this Sunday, April 29th at 6pm, both the Evergreen and the Morgan Hill congregations will be coming together to offer our communal worship of the Most High, and we hope that you can join us.  This time we will be meeting at the Morgan Hill campus (16695 DeWitt Ave., Morgan Hill, CA. 95037), but stay tuned for another all-church worship night later this year at our Evergreen campus.